Frequently Asked Questions

The information above has been provided as a means to help simplify the process of purchasing and building a new home. In no event are any of the above statements contractual obligations of the Builder or Seller and before relying on any of the above, it is recommended that you discuss any concerns or situations described with the Builder or Seller to ensure a mutual understanding.

Once you have decided on the location and subdivision that would work best for your needs and your lifestyle; you can either contact Sal Paone Builders office directly at 215-542-1331 or if you are working with an agent have the agent contact our office as your representative.
The best way is to reserve a lot with a deposit. There is a deposit form available on the web site that you should fill out, sign and attach a refundable $1000.00 check. Mail or hand deliver the deposit form and check to the Builders Office at 1120 Bethlehem Pike, P O. Box 280, Spring House, PA 19477 or you can complete the form with the Project Manager at the site. At that time, you should specify if you have a cooperating agent representing you. The check will not be deposited until an Agreement of Sale is signed and will be applied to the purchase price of your house at the time of closing.
The first step is the $1000.00 lot deposit. Once an agreement is signed, 10% of the base price is due at signing. These funds will be held in an escrow account with Abington Bank. The Buyer must sign and attach a W 9 with the deposit monies so that the interest accruing will be a credit to the Buyer from the time of deposit until settlement. Upon selection of any options and extras at the Home Customization and Selections Stage you will be invoiced from the Builder for 10% of all options and extras chosen to date. Prior to this you should speak to a lender to receive a prequalification regarding obtaining the mortgage necessary to complete final settlement.
This depends on the project. Developments with Single Homes are typically flexible for making changes. Simple plan changes such as adding closets, moving windows and doors and Room Extensions can be done directly with the Builder’s office at no charge for the design work by the Builder or Architect. Major plan changes such as roof lines, room layout and adding space to a plan may need to involve the Builder’s Architect and additional charges may apply. In either case, we welcome plan changes and want to customize your house to meet your needs. All single house plans need to be approved by the Buyer prior to the start of construction.

Once your house plan is completed, and you’ve signed off on the plans, you’ll meet with one of our design coordinators to make your selections. If you’re buying a single house, you will receive a package of information prior to your first design meeting. Please review this information as it will prepare you for some of the decisions you will need to make. 80% of your decisions will be made at this meeting(s). Exterior Colors and Materials, Front Door Styles, Interior Millwork, Door Hardware and Fireplaces are just some of the selections you will make. In some cases, there may be more than one design meeting depending on the extent of the options you are choosing. Each meeting lasts no more than two hours.

Townhouse Communities have less flexibility to make changes because of permitting requirements imposed by the Township. Contact the Builder’s office to place a deposit on a lot or house or for more information.

The Selections with the Builder must be made before any meetings with the subcontractors can begin.

No, there are various subcontractors you will meet with during the construction stage of the house. If you are working with a subcontractor directly, you will pay him or her directly for any options and extras chosen. The first subcontractors you will meet are the Kitchen Subcontractor to design your kitchen and if not chosen with the Builder’s Office, the Plumbing Supply House to pick out your fixtures. We don’t expect you to know every step of the construction process; we will help you coordinate these meetings in the proper order as it is crucial to the scheduling of the house that these selections are made in a timely manner.
Because a house is comprised of an endless number of parts, and so many of those parts affect each other, as much information as possible is needed up front. When the Superintendent and Subcontractors have the information necessary to build your new home they can place orders for materials and schedule work efficiently. Some materials may take weeks or months to receive once the order is placed, having the information prior to construction helps alleviate delivery and scheduling delays which in turn can be associated with a later completion date. If you are unsure of the importance of a decision, contact the Builder’s office, please do not make assumptions.
The Builder has established some basic guidelines and procedures where his staff will be in weekly contact with you. Our staff will help guide you in the most efficient manner to advise you when you should contact the subcontractors and at what stage. The Builder’s staff will also advise you of when you should anticipate being completed with your decisions with each Subcontractor.
No. Only subcontractors approved by the Builder are permitted to work on your house and those subcontractors must be currently working for the Builder.
The settlement date noted on your agreement of sale is our best estimate based on our experience. We know this is crucial to the timing of the sale of your house, mortgage financing and scheduling of the movers, but since there are many steps following the execution of the agreement of sale, it’s hard to say up front the exact date you will go to closing. When the house is through the “Trim Stage,” i.e. the millwork is installed, the kitchen cabinets are installed and the tile is set, we can give you your exact settlement date as long as all of your selections are complete and deposits have been paid to the subcontractors for upgrades chosen with them. Keep in touch with us throughout the process and prior to the “Trim Stage” and we can update our estimated settlement timing to help with your planning.
This is the toughest question we get with every Buyer. The answer is partially dependent on you and how you want to handle your move. Some people like to move from one residence while having unobstructed access to both houses. Others would prefer to have their house sold as soon as possible and use the settlement proceeds to purchase their new home. We are very well aware that knowing your house is sold takes away many of the fears you have when buying a new house. The best answer is you should talk to your real estate agent about when to put your house on the market to pick the timing that is best for you. We ask that you please contact us before you sign any agreement of sale that specifies a date when your house will be complete. By doing this, we can give you an estimated time when your new house will be finished helping to ease the transition from your old home to your new home.
You apply for a mortgage within ten days after signing the Agreement of Sale. By knowing how much you can borrow, you’ll have a better idea of what you can spend now, and what you should defer until later. Most important when obtaining financing to purchase your new home is the lock time. We ask that you contact us prior to confirming your “lock in date” with the mortgage company so we can give you an estimated timeframe to complete your home. This can help eliminate possible fees that are often charged to extend your mortgage rate lock if you have not given enough time for the house to be completed.
Refer to the Job Specifications section for a complete explanation. Please note that the specifications for each project may differ and if you have any questions, you should review the specifications with your sales agent and/or the Builder’s representative.
The square footage of a house is measured by taking the area of the floor space for each floor. The Garage, Basement and Attic are not counted. Neither is any volume space or the top level of any staircase. If a basement or attic is finished, it is normally listed separately.
Contact your sales agent to make an appointment to go through the house. Entry into the house is prohibited unless accompanied by a Builder’s representative.
On the day of closing, the construction manager will walk you through the house to inspect and familiarize you with the workings of your new home.
Your home will be completed and a firm settlement date will be established in writing at the completion of the trim stage of construction. Settlement will occur at the Paone Realty Building, located at 1120 Bethlehem Pike, Spring House, PA 19477.